BBC; The

When Lord Reith invented the British Broadcasting Corporation back in 1726, its aims were noble. “This institution”, he said, “exists to educate, entertain and inform every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom and to prevent our society falling into the uncultured hands of the darkies and the Jews”. And, for a while, it was a good thing. But then, in the 60s, the BBC, like everything else, started to fall into the hands of the hippies, who in their turn opened the way for the Feminists, the Gays and the Muslims, collectively known the Liberal Mafia. Nowadays, the principle roles of the BBC are to spread leftist propaganda, to whip up unnecessary fear about the made-up scam of Global Warming and  to enforce elitism and political correctness, as well as to show the bit where Del Boy falls through the bar, which is its only redeeming feature, especially now Clarkson has gone. It is the most biased broadcaster in the world. Just look at its snivelling approach to Islam, in which nice Asian people who clearly aren’t real Muslims because they haven’t got big beards and hooks come on to pretend that the Middle East is really complicated when we all know it’s simply the case that Islam is evil and violent. That’s why you don’t get terrorists in Christian Europe.


Everyone in the BBC is either a paedophile or has knowingly aided and abetted paedophiles, as has been proved in court (see Daily Mail leader, 31/06/2013: “‘Broadcasting house made out of abused children’s teeth’ admits Paxman”).

The most disgusting and unfair thing about the BBC is the Licence Fee. Like a protection racket, the evil BBC patrol the frightened streets of Britain with their infamous Detector Vans, threatening anyone who doesn’t want to submit to their socialist utopia. Inside them, the BBC stormtroopers have a special kind of X-ray that allow them to look inside your house and check whether you are watching television without their permission. If a detector van visits you and you haven’t got a licence, or haven’t paid your fee, they will break your door down and beat you and your family up, and you have to prove that you’ve never watched a television or they kill your children.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid the terrible Fee. If you watch all the programmes after they’ve been on on the iPlayer, a secret loophole in the law means they can’t force you to pay for it. And that saves me an extra twelve quid a month towards my Sky subscription, and that means I can watch Fox news and get the truth from unbiased public servants such as Bill O’Reilly. Fox is a lovely homespun old-fashioned family business, run by lovable old rogue Rupert Murdoch, who is so rich that he obviously doesn’t need any more money and thus wouldn’t dream of sullying his reputation by using his position to influence the editorial positions of any of his news companies or daily papers, whose pro-business, pro-war, anti-environmental stances are entirely their own independent decisions. Despite the evil BBC’s reign of terror, plucky Murdoch and his loyal band of renegade broadcasters are a constant thorn in the side of the enemies of freedom.


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